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  • JY was selected as "2016-2019 Lanhe Town Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Enterprise".

  • In May, at the 2018 Guangzhou Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Annual Selection Awards Conference, JY won two honors, including "Outstanding Robot Ontology Enterprise" and "Leadership".

    In October, "JY" was selected as "2019 China Famous Logistics Brand (Robot, AGV)".

  • In February, JY added the Panyu Tianan Energy Saving Science and Technology Park Communication Center as a marketing center.

  • “JY” was selected as “2017 China Logistics Famous Brand (Robot)” and won the AGV Robot Top Ten Excellent Application Engineering Case Award. The winning case was “MAXAGV Application in the Tire Industry”.

    JY was selected as the key enterprise of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong province.It was recognized by the Guangzhou Municipal Government as “Guangzhou Intellectual Property Administrative Key Protection Enterprise” and qualified as “Guangzhou Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise”.

    In December, in the first Guangdong Robot Annual Appraisal, JY won the “Guangdong Industrial Robot Outstanding Contribution Award”.

  • In 2016, JY won the “Guangdong Province Robotic Backbone Enterprise” and passed the “Occupational Health and Safety Management System” certification.It won the“2016 Equipment China Innovation Pioneer List-Product Innovation Award" and won the“2016 China Logistics Famous Brand (Robot) ".

  • JY was recognized as “Guangdong Province Unmanned Automated Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center” and “China Logistics Famous Brand (Robot)”.

  • JY was rated as “Excellent Supplier of 2014” by Guangben, “Technology Little Giant Enterprise” by Guangzhou Municipal Government, and listed in cooperation with Tianjin Saixiang Technology.

  • JY obtained the qualification of “Guangdong High-tech Enterprise”.

  •  JY won the honor of “Guangdong Province Honesty Demonstration Enterprise” for two consecutive years.

  • JY passed the certification of “Guangzhou Private Technology Enterprise”.

  • JY was awarded the qualification of “Private Technology Enterprise” and was awarded “2007 Excellent Supplier” by Nissan.

  • JY passed the Toyota Global Supplier System Certification.

  • JY passed ISO9001:2000 certification.

  • JY was established.

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